Abandoned: Problems Delay App-Trailer and Leave Players Waiting


The app-trailer and the “real-time experience” of the Abandoned game was delayed on Tuesday (10) due to technical problems. The promise of Blue Box (developer) was that access would be released at 4 pm (GMT). However, after almost 2 hours the only thing players could access was a “Check it soon” message.

After several complaints from PlayStation 5 owners, Blue Box (developer) posted a message on Twitter saying that there was “a technical issue with the patch delivery.” “We are working to get this live as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience”, he added.

The company also explained that “it would inform as soon as the problem was resolved”. No forecast was given, however, which made many people believe that it will only be possible to access the app-trailer tomorrow (11) or even on another day.

Many people used Twitter to complain about the situation and play with the situation.

A lot of people are hype high with the title mainly because of theories that say it could be the work of director Hideo Kojima or even a new Metal Gear. The app-trailer has also suffered from delays and was even promised for June, but it ended up not coming true.

So, are you also sitting in front of the television waiting for the app-trailer to work? Leave your opinion in the comments section below!


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