Abandoned From PS5: Date And Time To Download The Survival Horror Game App


Abandoned: The title that many want to link to Hideo Kojima or Silent Hill will be shown in a new trailer through this application for PlayStation 5. Blue Box Game Studios has confirmed through the social network Twitter that the Abandoned application for PS5 can be downloaded this Tuesday, August 10 from 9:00 p.m. (CEST). The title, surrounded by speculation about the possible parties involved in the project -Hideo Kojima or the Silent Hill intellectual property among them-, will bet on this atypical way of showing a new trailer, since it will be through this app that we can see the new advances in the form of a video game.

Abandoned and an atypical video game promotion methodology

Although the preload is already available on PS5 with a weight of just over 1 GB, the reality is that it cannot be used; not until nine o’clock this Tuesday night. The Dutch studio will show a series of trailers, since it will not be just one, in which we still do not know the theme of each one; although presumably there will be pure gameplay of the project, currently in development.

If we accept the statements of the team, led by Hasan Hahraman: “With Abandoned, we want to offer a new narrative gameplay. The way you explore, fight and progress has been done in a different and unique way ”. With this app they seek to convey “how the game feels.”

In parallel, just a few days ago he acknowledged that rumors about a possible link between the game and Silent Hill have negatively affected the development of the game; from distractions to expectations that are now very difficult to gauge.

Except for greater surprise, the reality is that Abandoned is not a new Silent Hill, nor is it Hideo Kojima’s new video game, immersed in his new project from Kojima Productions. Speaking to Al Hub, he assures that it will not be a horror game in the style of Resident Evil or Silent Hill, but a first-person shooter set in realistic environments and with horror aspects.

Abandoned will be released soon on PlayStation 5. The game does not have a release date. At MeriStation we analyze in this video how to promote the title, a strategy that has not left anyone indifferent.


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