Abandoned: Director Posts Video To Prove He’s a Real Person


Abandoned: “Hello guys! This is Hasan Kahraman. I just wanted to make a quick video to show myself, to show that I’m a real person.” It was with these words that the director of Abandoned began the 42-second video, posted last night on the Blue Box Game Studios account.

In addition, the director stated that the studio intends to hold an event to answer fans’ doubts soon.

The publication was necessary after a few days of a strange conspiracy theory: Hasan Kahraman would not really be a person, much less the director of Abandoned, but someone associated with Hideo Kojima of Konami, promoting a new Silent Hill.

The subject has popped up all over the internet in recent weeks, stirring fans of the classic horror series in search of “proof” of the theory.

Is Abandoned a new Silent Hill?

The story began when Blue Box Game Studios — a Dutch indie producer that a lot of people had never heard of — published a simply amazing trailer for a horror game on PlayStation 5 in April. People have already started to get the flea behind their ears.

Everything got even stranger when the company’s official Twitter account published that Abandoned was a tentative name and the official one would be one that starts with an S and ends with an L — Silent Hill, of course! In addition, the initials of Hasan Kahraman, a name that no gamer knew until then, are the same as Hideo Kojima.

Coincidence? Silent Hill fans thought not and flooded the internet with theories about the real identity of the director and the game he is producing. The official Blue Box account even published some tweets denying the “fanfic”, but needed the real Hasan Kahraman to record a video showing his face.

Of course, there are still many questions about Abandoned and Blue Box Game Studios — that’s why the director talks about a “question and answer” event at the end of the video. But conspiracy theory (and one of the weirdest subjects in the gaming world this year) seems to be falling apart.

Watch the video below and let us know in the comments what you think about it all.


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