Abandoned: App-Trailer Goes Live, But Shows Teaser Already Released


Abandoned: After comings and goings, Blue Box managed to fix and make available the Abandoned app-trailer, this Friday afternoon (13), on PlayStation 5. However, what was reason for a lot of expectations caused a lot of frustration.

The only teaser shown in the app-trailer is a video that the company had already released last Tuesday (10) on Twitter, when the service should have originally aired on the PS5. The video shows a man walking on a wooden floor. If you haven’t seen it, below is the registration.

The app-trailer shows that trailers with cinematics and gameplay demos of the game will be released “soon”. The software menu does not show, however, when the contents will be released. Check out the game interface below.

many frustrations

The launch of the app-trailer came as another episode of the true soap opera that became Abandoned. This Friday, players even noticed that Blue Box had simply deleted the tweets that talked about the game’s app-trailer problems.

Last Tuesday (10), the company had promised that the software would be available for PlayStation 5 and would show fans a “real-time experience” of the game. The fact was that the tool was scheduled for 4 pm (GMT), but it was simply not possible to access it on the console.

After players had been up for more than an hour with a “Check it out soon” message, Blue Box decided to say: “There is a technical issue with the patch delivery.” We are working to put this live o as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

This and other posts that said the company was working to fix the problem were simply deleted from Twitter, without any notice or comment.

After deleting the tweets, the company spoke again around 4:50 pm (Eastern Time) to say that the correction patch was in the air.

canceled projects

After many broken promises and crazy theories, players also began to “investigate” Blue Box’s past and discovered, for example, that the company has a history of announced games, but that never saw the light of day because they were canceled .

Among the projects are titles like Rewind, (demo canceled twice due to technical problems), Rewind: Voices of the Past (cancelled) and The Lost Tapes (cancelled).

So, do you still have hope of playing Abandoned? What did you think of the app-trailer? Leave your opinion in the comments section below!


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