Abandoned App Can Now Be Downloaded On PS5, But Still With Nothing


Abandoned trailer app is now downloadable on PS5, but it still doesn’t deliver the promised experience to preview what the game will be like. The download, which weighs in at 1.3GB, is yet another preload, for when the trailers are released in August.

Opening the app now only shows the Blue Box Games logo and a language option window. Portuguese is among the options, so that’s good news at least.

Also, we only have the message “come back soon”. The first trailers for Abandoned will be between 5 and 12 minutes long and should be shown in the app from August 10th. Until then, it looks like we can say the app will be… Abandoned.

Abandoned drew a lot of attention when its first previews brought elements that made many players think that the game could actually be a resurrection of the canceled Silent Hills. The developer has disproved this theory a few times, but its unusual method of promoting the game keeps some of the franchise’s most diehard fans still hopeful.

The idea of ​​the app is to offer an interactive trailer. A game space that is not even a demo, but shows the environment of Abandoned within the game engine, with the visuals and performance that the final product must have, if it ever manages to be released.


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