AB6IX Daehwi Net Worth: Former Wanna One Millionaire?


AB6IX Dehvi is one of the many idols who write songs and help the band have a great sound. Even before he became an idol, when he was a trainee, he was already used to writing songs for his band. With that in mind, he’s probably raking in the dough.

So how much did he earn from all this? Read on to find out!

AB6IX Daehwi Net Worth 2022: How much he earned by participating in Wanna One
Earlier it was reported that the members of Wanna One earned so much from their activities in the group. According to the source, each participant earned almost a million dollars on this.

Insiders said the group earned more than $71 million in two years. The actual revenue is about 39 million US dollars. Since they are managed by Swings and CM ENM, each company received 25 percent.

This excludes their individual activities and the approval of the group.

In the case of Daehvi, he went to various entertainment shows such as “Saturday Night Live in Korea”, “Talk about Food on Wednesdays”, “Amazing Saturday”, “Visiting a Mentor” and “The Masked Singer”.

He also became one of the producers at the evaluation stage of the “Produce 48” concept, where he wrote the song “See You Again” together with other composers.

He continued to write songs for the female group IZ*ONE. He was the producer of the song “Airplane”.

During his internship days, he wrote and composed a song that he performed together with other BNM interns in the first episode of the second season of “Produce 101” called “Welcome to Hollywood”.

So how much did the 21-year-old idol earn in all his activities? Another source reported that it is about 3-5 million US dollars.

Daehwi Net Worth: Individual actions in AB6IX

Lee Daehwi is not only the main producer of his band, he also offered his songs to other artists.

After Wanna One, he continued writing songs. Daehvi produced one of Park Jihoon’s songs, “Young 20”. Idol also wrote and produced one of Yoon Jisong’s songs called “Comma”, as well as MXM’s songs “Good Day” and “Wish You Love Me”.

Daehvi also wrote the song “Remember Me” by Kang Minha, one of his label colleagues at Brand new Music.

The idol producer has also been a co-host of M! for over a year.Countdwon on the MNET channel. As for his approval, he and his dear friend Somi are representatives of the Fanta brand.

He is not only an idol, producer, commercial model, but also an actor. The show called “Mon Chouchou Global House”, which is due to air this month, will be his debut drama.

He plays the male lead in it, and his character’s name is Don Jinu. Although the drama is not on the main SBS channel, its broadcast on Mobidic, the SBS online platform, is still of great importance.

Finally, his last solo activity was when he joined the music competition show “Listen Up”. In the show, Daehwi competed with many other composers and producers from all over Korea.

On October 8, during the final episode, it became clear that the participant of AB6IX took the first place.


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