AAWireless: Android Auto wireless network


Using Android Auto wirelessly is an attractive feature, but it is still limited to a few cars. Aiming to popularize the function, two developers got together and created AAWireless, an accessory that is making success at Indiegogo and promises to bring the functionality to any vehicle compatible with the Google system interface.

With a cube shape, the product is made to be connected to the car’s multimedia panel and to be “forgotten” in the vehicle. The user can connect his smartphone to the car via Bluetooth, in a pairing process that currently takes up to 30 seconds.

According to Emil Borconi, one of the developers of AAWireless, the aim of the product is to deliver the Android Auto wireless experience seamlessly and at an affordable price. The only requirements to use the product are to have a car with Android Auto and a cell phone with Android 9.0 or later system.

The device is available at Indiegogo for values ​​in the range of US $ 65, about R $ 346 in direct conversion. The value is considerably lower than changing the smart panel or buying a new car to access Android Auto wirelessly.

Public interest

The idea caught the attention of many Android Auto users abroad and the product financing campaign has already hit its target on IndieGoGo. AAWireless developers expected to raise around R $ 1.1 million in advance sales to bring the project to life, but they have already achieved double the amount and still have more than 40 days of campaign.

The product is currently in the prototype phase and is scheduled for delivery in February 2021. According to the developers, the final edition of the device will be compact and will have dimensions of around five centimeters.

The current edition of AAWireless, which can be seen in the image above, has USB-A connections and even an Ethernet port. According to the creators, the current design serves to assist in the development and the doors will be removed to prioritize a more compact look.

More details about AAWireless are available on this page.


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