Aaron Waters of Love Island Has Been Criticized For Body Shaming and Bullying Ex


After joining Love Island UK, the former Aaron Waters of the Australian version came out to discuss his behavior towards her.

This season of “Love Island” has gotten hotter as two more actors prepare to leave the villa in an upcoming episode.

To replace them, the show attracts a couple of bell ringers, in particular, former actors from Love Island, Australia.

Jesse Winter from the second season and Aaron Waters, the runner-up in the third season, will soon enter the villa, and commercials about their arrival have already aired. This led to one former Love Island Australia contestant telling how Waters treated her on the show.

Courtney criticizes Aaron for his behavior on Love Island in Australia
Aaron’s fellow season three contestant and first partner Courtney Stubbs took to TikTok ahead of the latest episode of Love Island in the UK to detail how he, in her words, “shamed her skin” and “shamed her body” throughout her time on the show. .

On the first day, Courtney remembered how Aaron commented on how much he liked “clean girls.” You know, take care of your skin and love skin care.” He also commented on her weight, saying that he likes girls who “go to the gym.”

Courtney revealed that she had started a new skin care regime before going on the show, so these comments were particularly hurtful and touched on some existing vulnerabilities. “I literally cried my eyes out the whole first morning,” she said in the video, crying.

But, according to Courtney, the problems with Aaron went beyond just his lack of initial attraction to her. She says Aaron bullied her by constantly telling her to “shut up” or “fuck off,” and that he told other male colleagues not to maintain a relationship with her.

In a new promo video, Aaron said that the first girl he connected with on Love Island in Australia-meaning Courtney—was his “least favorite.”

It seems that this unprovoked blow, which became part of the behavior after he left the Love Island villa in Australia, and prompted Courtney to finally engage in this behavior.


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