Aaron Rodgers’ reaction to the podcaster’s question about how many People he “killed” by refusing the COVID-19 vaccine


A very acute question. Aaron Rodgers was unhappy after a podcaster asked him about the possible consequences of his controversial stance on the COVID-19 vaccine.

Aaron Rodgers’ COVID-19 Vaccine Controversy: Everything You Need to Know

— How many people do you think you killed? Eric “PFT Commenter” Sollenberger, co-host of the Barstool Sports podcast “Pardon My Take,” asked the 38-year-old NFL player during an episode of the show on Monday, August 8. — What is your score?

Dan “Big Cat” Katz added: “How many grandmothers? Let’s just work with the grandmothers.”

The Green Bay Packers quarterback smiled and shook his head, but his comments indicated he wasn’t happy with the line of the question. “I know you guys are fooling around, but I don’t find it funny,” he told the hosts. “I really don’t know.

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Rogers’ controversial stance on the coronavirus vaccine made numerous headlines last year after the athlete apparently lied about his own vaccine status. In August 2021, the California native told reporters that he had been “vaccinated,” but questions began to arise three months later when he tested positive for the disease.

The Super Bowl champion then reported that he had not received any of the CDC-approved vaccinations against COVID-19, but he argued that the statement that he was “vaccinated” was not misleading.

“It wasn’t some trick or lie, it was the truth,” Rogers said on a November 2021 episode of the Pat McAfee Show. “If there were follow-up actions to my statement that I was vaccinated, I would answer like this: I would say: “Look, I’m not some anti-vaccination advocate of a flat Earth. I am one of those who think critically. I walk to the beat of my own drum. I firmly believe in bodily autonomy, [in] the ability to make choices for your body, and not to agree with some awakened culture or crazy group of people who say that you have to do something.”

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Former danger! The owner stated that he was allergic to the mRNA vaccine ingredient, so he decided to use an alternative “immunization protocol”. He tried to petition the NFL to get the plan approved, but the league told him he would remain in the unvaccinated category.

Rogers was eventually fined $14,650 for violating COVID-19 protocols put in place by the NFL and the players’ union. Meanwhile, the Packers were also fined $300,000.

The former UC Berkeley student later claimed that NFL fans wanted the Packers to lose in the playoffs because of his comments about the vaccine.

“There were a lot of people determined to root against us for one and only one reason,” he said during a January appearance on The Pat McAfee Show after the San Francisco 49ers knocked the team out of Wisconsin. “It’s because of my vaccination status and the fact that they want to see us lose so they can accumulate, enjoy and revel in the fact that my vaccination status was kind of the reason why we didn’t succeed in the playoffs.”


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