Aaron Judge was asked if he would sign with the Boston Red Sox


No matter how much the New York Yankees fans don’t like that Aaron Judge is leaving after an incredible season he spent, they are absolutely afraid that he will join their most hated rivals: The Boston Red Sox.

So, naturally, Judge was asked if there were plans to move to Boston, since his contract with the Yankees was coming to an end. In a conversation with reporters who scored two goals against Boston last night, Judge did not give a clear answer.

“Oh. We’ll talk about it at the end of the year,” Judge said with a laugh.

Judge would never answer such a question dressed in a Yankee stripe. He will also have to deal with a number of consequences if he talks about potentially joining any other MLB team.

But refusing to answer the question is unlikely to calm the fears of Yankees fans.

Having hit 57 home runs this season, Aaron Judge is close to surpassing the late great Roger Maris with 61 runs in one year in American League history.

The Yankees had previously offered Judge a contract extension, but that didn’t sit well with Judge, leaving both sides at an impasse as he nears the end of his current contract.

There was a time when the mere hint that Derek Jeter might sign with the Red Sox preceded the Yankees opening their checkbook as wide as they could to keep the “Captain” in New York.

But it’s unclear if the Yankees will want to do it now, even if Judge is the best hitter in baseball today.

Will Aaron Judge sign with the Red Sox next year?


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