A$AP Rocky on tour in Sweden: he puts in scene the prison environment!


A $ AP Rocky is back in the media! But a few months ago, the interpreter of “L $ D” had an unfortunate adventure in Sweden. Remember, the rapper was convicted of a brawl in the streets of Stockholm. Imprisoned, the star’s entourage then delivered to the media that his conditions of detention were “inhuman”.

Relatives of the rapper had also asked US President Donald Trump to try to free him. Now free, A $ AP Rocky is back on the music scene. He also performed a concert in Sweden. Before the show, the artist then sent a message to his fans on the web: “I’m in Stockholm right now. I am starting my concert, my first concert after being locked up here, “began the performer of” Praise The Lord (Da Shine) “.

But A $ AP Rocky did not stop there. He assured that his concert would be free for those who come from “shantytowns”. “Everyone who they call here” the immigrant community “won’t have to pay to come to my show today. You will all enter for free, ”added the star on his social networks. During his concert, the interpreter of “F ** kin’ Problems “made the crowds dance. On the web, the videos of the rapper’s stage performance were all the rage! The proof in picture: See the videos below!

For his return to Sweden, A $ AP Rocky wanted to deliver a message … On stage, the artist stood out brilliantly in front of his audience. But to do so, he made his show in a cage focused on his audience. A nod to his past incarceration in the Nordic country. “Today, there are people who have had the chance to buy tickets (…). There were people who could not afford it (…). I love you people. The whole message today: spread love and have fun! “.


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