A$AP Rocky competes with Grammy’s with Yams Day!


A $ AP Rocky is igniting the powder today! Rihanna’s darling teases us under next live for Yams Day which is very promising …

New buzz for A $ AP Rocky! Rihanna’s darling is preparing us something crazy for Yams Day 2021.

Mark your calendars! On January 18, Yams Day is about to begin its 6th edition.

Despite the covid and health restrictions, A $ AP Rocky still wanted to do something with the A $ AP Mob this year. Indeed, this day is symbolic because it is given in honor of member A $ AP Yams who died of an overdose in 2015.

On his Instagram account, A $ AP Rocky announced the good news! Covid demands, members of the A $ AP Mob will still put on a show that will be televised online.

Through a micro-sidewalk-style video, Rihanna’s darling reveals their project to us with a lot of humor! Take a look:


A few hours ago, the famous rapper A $ AP Rocky set the web on fire! Indeed, he unveiled a hilarious micro-sidewalk style video!

Above, we also see A $ AP Ferg threatening his fans with humor: “You better come to the Yams party. We’re gonna kick your ass ”!

Already racking up over 1.4 million views, the video is going viral around the world. Dj SpinKing then comments: “Don’t miss Yams Day yet !! GRRRRTTTTT US IN VIRTUAL STATUS. 🕺 ”The ASAP MOB account also responds:“ WE are virtual !! ”

But that’s not all ! On the group’s official Twitter account, a photo of the crew with the caption: “something special” is brewing… also made the buzz!

But what does A $ AP Rocky and the rest of the A $ AP Mob team have in store for us? To be continued, we will have the answer in a few days …


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