A24 Casts a Hot Dog Shadow on Oscar Mayer After Everyone Is Everywhere and Immediately Gets 11 Oscar Nominations


There is a shadow… and there is a shadow worthy of an Oscar. This is what the social media team at A24 just threw at Oscar Mayer after the extremely creative film “Everything Everywhere at Once” dominated the Oscar nominees list, earning 11 nods (more than any other film), including “Best Film”, “Director” and nods for all of his key actors. Naturally, the filmmakers felt obliged to celebrate this event: Daniels showed ingenuity on social networks, and Jamie Lee Curtis got emotional after she received her first career nomination. But this hot dog-related tweet takes over.

The magnificent film “Everything Everywhere and at Once” interprets the concept of the multiverse in its own way, following Evelyn (Michelle Yeoh) through numerous universes as she tries to emotionally connect with her daughter (Stephanie Hsu) and pay off her laundry taxes. Trust me, it’s much harder to skip the endless iterations of existence, which include everything from rocks on the edge of a cliff to people with hot dogs instead of fingers. We didn’t know it at the time, but A24 contacted Oscar Mayer in hopes of a partnership. It didn’t work. And you just KNOW that they’ve been hatching this tweet idea for years, waiting for Oscar nominations.

Amazing. Cheerful. And exactly what you expect from the people who helped bring “Everything Everywhere and at Once” to the big screen and, eventually, to the Academy Awards. I’m not really sure how Oscar Mayer’s sponsorship would work. Could the hot dogs worn by Michelle Yeoh and Jamie Lee Curtis in that version of Evelyn’s reality have an Oscar Mayer logo on their fingers, perhaps instead of nails? It could work, and it would be better than just mentioning the brand name in the end credits.

On the other hand, hot dog hands now have a life of their own. Andrew Garfield was seen wearing them in an interview, which endlessly delighted Michelle Yeoh. And Yeo even mentioned them when discussing possible EEAAO spin-offs that she would like to see. This shows the reach of “Everything Everywhere and at Once,” a reach that we hope will continue at the Oscar ceremony.

If you haven’t mastered “Everything and Everywhere, Everything at Once” yet, we have important information on how to broadcast the film, as well as really interesting behind-the-scenes facts about the film, which you can familiarize yourself with after watching. . Just please don’t look for the stones Daniels used in the movie. Now they are in a very dangerous place, and finding them will be a nightmare.


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