A YouTuber’s Sugar Experiment with Coke


In Russia, a YouTuber named Maxim Monakhov conducted the biggest cola-sugar experiment to date. Using baking powder instead of mint sugar used in most experiments, YouTuber combined exactly 10 thousand liters of convenience with baking powder. The experiment, which has been successfully concluded, gives the audience a visual feast.

Among the most viral content of the internet world, easy experiments are often encountered. We have encountered dozens of content on this subject until today. Moreover, although these contents are basically the same, they have been watched millions of times as they entertain people a lot. Now, much like this experiment has happened in Russia. What makes this experiment unique among viral ingredients is that this time, 10 thousand liters of coke were used.

Maxim Monakhov, one of Russia’s popular YouTubers, tried the cola experiment, which has been among the most popular content for years, this time with baking powder. The reason why Monakhov preferred baking soda when using mint sugar was that the baking powder was cheaper and more effective. The experiment ended with a total visual feast.

The experimental team went to a secluded and unharmed area for the world’s largest arm blast experiment. Filling liter colas into a specially made barrel, the team finally brought together 10,000 liters of cola and baking powder. After this moment, images that entertained everyone who watched appeared. YouTuber says he spent about $ 9,500 (about 70,000 TL) for this experiment. The expenditure will likely be covered by the money earned from YouTube.

The Russian YouTuber’s Coke experiment is a bit different from the peppermint candy experiments we’ve gotten used to so far. The team also uses some vinegar to speed up the experiment. In this experiment, cola and vinegar appear as an acidic element, while baking soda appears as a basic element. In the reaction that occurs with these reactors, the hydrogen in acidic elements reacts with carbonate and causes hydrogen carbonate to be released. While this reaction is taking place, carbon dioxide and water come out. It is the carbon dioxide released that causes 10 thousand liters of coke to fly meters high.

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