A YouTuber Shows How To Cut Glass With Scissors


A YouTube channel called The Action Lab posted a video showing how to cut any glass with a simple pair of scissors. In the video, YouTuber cuts the glass and takes shape without it cracking and breaking into thousands of pieces.

Can glass be cut? Yes. Well, can it be cut with scissors? You will probably think this is not possible because if you try to cut any glass with scissors, you may be struck by thousands of tiny glass particles around. Actually, we can say that this is not a very wrong thought, but a YouTuber proved that glass can be cut with scissors.

Imagine for a moment that it is possible to cut glass with scissors: You are cutting the glass and it doesn’t break. This is exactly what a YouTuber named The Action Lab does. Let’s take a closer look at how this is possible.

How to cut glass with scissors?

As you can see in the video, YouTuber takes a piece of glass and paints it red to show on the camera. Then he takes a big bucket of water and puts the glass into the water and cuts it with a simple pair of scissors.

The YouTuber also tries to remove it from the water and cut it again to prove that the substance in the video is glass. As a result, when he tries to cut the glass out of the water, it breaks even with the slightest pressure and the glass pieces are scattered everywhere. This makes it clear that this method only works underwater.

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Well, if you ask how glass can be cut under water, it is as follows When water enters the crack, it causes the glass to crack more easily. The silicon-oxygen bond in the crack and the oxygen-hydrogen bond in the water separate, forming two hydroxyl groups attached to silicon, and as a result the length of the crack increases to the extent of a bond break. In other words, the water reaction reduces the energy required to break the silicon-oxygen bonds and thus the crack grows faster.

If you want to see the applied version of the experiment, you can watch the video above and share with us what you think after watching the video in the comments section.


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