A YouTuber Finds Ship-Like Mysterious Structure


YouTuber MrMBB333 discovered a mysterious structure resembling an ice-covered ship off the coast of Antarctica. The structure in question brought with it theories that it was a mysterious underground shelter built for the rich in Antarctica.

Google Earth, which makes it possible to view any point of the world in high resolution, has made it possible to view many strange moments by all internet users until now. However, the ‘weird’ images in Google Earth do not seem to be endless.

The “discovery” made by the YouTube channel MrMBB333, which describes itself as the “Watch of the World”, revealed another weirdness in Google Earth and brought along conspiracy theories.

Ship-like structure discovered in Antarctica

While studying the glaciers off the coast of Antarctica, MrMBB333 discovered a strange structure resembling a ship. This structure, which is about 120 meters long, made us think that one of the dozens of ships lost each year may be buried in the Antarctic glaciers.

However, when we examine the structure carefully and think that we are looking at the structure from above, we can say that if the structure was indeed a ship covered with ice, it indicates a ship on its side. However, when we look at the details, we see that the ship-like structure may be an ordinary structure formed as a result of melting ice and snowfalls.

As we mentioned at the beginning of our report, the unearthing of an extremely mysterious ship-like structure in Antarctica, where there are no “permanent” human settlements other than scientists, has brought some conspiracy theories.

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Some people stated that the structure in question could be an underground shelter built for “rich and noble people” similar to the one in the 2012 movie, while others stated that the ship in question could even be Noah’s Ark.

Video showing the ship-like shape that MrMBB333 found on the Antarctic coast


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