A YouTuber Broke Record by Reaching 100 Thousand Subscribers in Just 98 Minutes


Indian YouTuber Gaurav Taneja has achieved significant success through the Rasbhari Ke Papa channel he opened for gaming. Originally a pilot, YouTuber managed to reach 100,000 subscribers in just 98 minutes.

When you open a new YouTube channel, how long will you aim to reach 100 thousand subscribers? Although this process varies in many people, it will normally be a minimum of 1-2 years. Well, do you know YouTuber, which has reached the fastest 100 thousand subscribers in the world? A YouTuber, known in India, has become the fastest 100,000 YouTube channel in the world with its new channel. YouTuber, Gaurav Taneja, of course had an important advantage at this point.

Taneja, which has 3 separate YouTube channels, is considered one of the most popular YouTubers in India. Given the population of India, it took 98 minutes for YouTuber’s new channel to reach 100,000 subscribers. Having gained more than 1000 subscribers per minute, Taneja also broke the record of the video surveillance platform that has been in service since 2005.

633 thousand subscribers in 1 day

YouTube channel Rasbhari Ke Papa continued to gain new followers after reaching 100 thousand subscribers in 98 minutes. The first video uploaded to the channel, which reached 633 thousand subscribers in 1 day, has been viewed as 1.6 million so far. Taneja, normally a pilot, made statements about an airplane violating safety norms and was therefore exposed. After this event, Taneja, who opened the game channel on YouTube, has received incredible support from her first video.

YouTube, one of the most popular video platforms in the world, continues to produce content with millions of YouTubers. YouTube, which pays people who upload videos to the platform according to the display of advertisements, thus follows a win-win policy. People who see YouTube as a career also spend all their work to take videos on this platform.


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