“A Year—long Existential Crisis” – seven-time Grammy winner Billie Eilish tells the story of the evolution of her style in clothing


It takes some time for all of us to create the person we are today. Everything that comes into our years of hard work, goodwill and self-belief. It helps us redefine ourselves in the way we feel confident. That’s exactly what happened to Oscar winner Billie Eilish in the early years of her career.

In a recent interview with Zane Lowe from Apple Music, Billie talked about the evolution of her fashion sense and body image. She also shared some interesting tips that she followed along the way to achieve what she had planned. The Ocean Eyes singer also revealed that she hesitated between numerous looks before finally choosing her signature style of baggy clothes and outfits.

Billie Eilish talks about how over the years she has developed her sense of style

The artist “Happier than Ever” recalled her past experience and shared terrible moments. She openly admitted that she suffered from remorse and “she had a whole year of existential crisis.” She also talked about how it helped radically change her life, both physically and mentally.

Eilish and the choice of dresses she wore were always a hot topic in the city whenever she performed. Although the star never misses out on her first-class men’s ensemble, sometimes she wants to go the exact opposite way and try something different.

This happened in the light of her position in relation to the body positive. However, the confidence that is reflected when she is in her comfortable and spacious baggy outfits is second to none. Thinking about it, she said: “I feel sexiest when I feel more masculine.” She went on to clarify that if her stage outfit is a little more feminine, she often gets confused and craves a mix.

“I go through phases thinking I’m the hottest bitch on earth, and I go through phases thinking I shouldn’t exist.” To be honest, it was the closest phase that all of us could ever feel.

It is reported that the star began to work on himself to maintain his physical shape. Although it was a little difficult for her to work out in the gym, later it became an incredible part of her life.


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