A year ago: did Nicolas Pushman survive the breakup with Lars?


During this time, Nicolas Pushman (31) completely survived the breakup with Lars Tensfoyerborn (32)? The hunk became known as the first Prince Charming in 2019 and even found great love in Larsen’s candidate dating show. However, in September 2021, their paths diverged — a few months earlier there had already been a small gap in the relationship. Meanwhile, the love-off is already a year old. How is Nicholas coping with this today?

He tells Gala TV that he faced this long after the breakup. Since the relationship started on television, many, of course, would have noticed the relationship. “When you have such an intense time […] and then it comes to an end, then you need some time,” says Nicholas – it’s always hard to digest something like that.

Meanwhile, however, the pain of separation seems to have been overcome. Nicolas even kissed someone at Oktoberfest. Accordingly, a new love should come again: “That’s why I’m ready for something new now,” the reality show star announces.


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