A wonderful sun: Will Claire and Florent be separated?


In the next episodes of the series Un si grand soleil, the couple Claire and Florend are on the verge of breaking up. Will they go their separate ways?

In the last episode of the soap opera Un si grand soleil, Florent takes Claire by surprise. He knows she is cheating on him, and asks him to stop pretending.

Their relationship is in turmoil! Since a few episodes of the series Un si grand soleil, nothing has been going well between Florent and Claire.

Indeed, the lawyer and the nurse may well end their relationship. And for good reason, the young woman has an extra-marital relationship with Joshua.

If the latter has managed to keep the secret for a time, Florent (Fabrice Deville) has discovered his little secrecy.

Yep, Sabine’s ex-husband searched her cell phone. So he was able to read a very explicit SMS exchange …

Completely lost, Florent needed comfort. And it was with his ex-wife, in Un si grand soleil, that he found some.

In short, the father of the family gives him an appointment to tell him about their son. And more specifically, his graduate studies.

However, Florent takes the opportunity to be by his side to tell him about his romantic troubles. And the least we can say is that it did not fall on deaf ears …


In the last episode of the soap opera Un si grand soleil, Sabine listens to the fall in love of her ex-husband.

At first glance, the young woman seems sad for him. In fact, she advises him to speak directly to his partner.

But deep inside, Sabine is jubilant. And for good reason, the latter still loves him and would like to have a second chance.

So she hurries to recount her discussion to Eve. If Florent and Claire come to separate, she would be the first to be happy.

And in addition, Sabine would take the opportunity to seduce and win back her ex-husband. To be continued in Un si grand soleil…


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