A Woman Has Been Accused of “Animal Cruelty” After She Repainted a Dog’s Fur to Make It Look Like a Grinch


TikToker was criticized for painting her Schnauzer green and making it look like a Grinch, and some viewers called it “animal cruelty.”

With the holiday season approaching, TikTok quickly plunged into the festive mood, as a wide range of festive content has already gone viral on the short video platform.

Some viewers have already started uploading videos of the light shows they’ve decorated their homes with, while others have fallen in love with the Christmas tree that comes with everything but the top. At the moment, TikTok just doesn’t have enough snow and automatic anthems.

In particular, one TikToker, MondayGray, went up a notch. She went viral because her groomer painted her white Schnauzer green, just like the Grinch, and some users can’t believe it.

TikTok’s dog turned into a Grinch, and the audience was divided

That’s right, TikToker has gained more than 8.4 million views at the time of writing just one post by painting his dog green. Well, green and red. The Grinch, of course, must have a jumper.

Ashley herself was very pleased with the transformation, saying that the groomer “killed” the festive makeup, but some viewers did not share the same opinion and quickly criticized her.

“It feels like animal cruelty to me, IDK,” commented one less—than-impressed viewer. “I feel bad, he or she looks so sad,” another added. “Poor thing, he doesn’t seem to like it,” another commented.


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♬ You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch (From “Dr. Suess’ the Grinch 2018”) – Starlite Singers

Some viewers claimed that the negative comments were too “dramatic” and that the paint was suitable for pets, which turned out to be correct. “He’s at the groomers, and I’m sure he’s not too happy about it,” another added.

TikToker uploaded some more videos with the dog after the transformation, and she seems very happy. After all, it went viral, so they probably deserve a few treats and a heartfelt pet.


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