A Woman Exchanges Remarks For The First Time With Her Father, Whom She Believed Dead For 31 Years


A woman has gone viral on TikTok for sharing her first text message exchange with her father after believing he was dead for 31 years.

Sharnee thought her biological father had passed away after her family made her believe it from an early age. In fact, he turned out to be alive and well.

A mom from Christchurch, New Zealand, spent “years and years” doing research before she came across a man named Noel on Facebook, whom she thought was her father.

She shared a recording of their messaging screen on Facebook Messenger on TikTok.

“Hi, this is a random question, and [I] apologize for the intrusion. Did you go to New Zealand in 1990?” she began the first message.

“Hello. How are you?” The Welsh man replied. — Yes, I lived there twice, Sharni. Who are you?”

After some conversation, Sharnee asked how he spent his time in Christchurch in the 1990s, admitting that her question seemed “strange” and “personal” to him.


“When you lived here in Christchurch/New Zealand. Have you slept with women? “What is it?” she asked. “My mother, whom I deeply and dearly love, gave me your name, so I spent years and years and years of research, and you fit all these descriptions.

“I’m really sorry that this all seems very strange!” she added.

Noel said he found the message “intriguing” and asked if her mother’s name was Dale. He then confirmed that he remembers Sharnee’s mom, sharing details about her that probably only Sharni knows.

“It’s all so crazy, so crazy. I’m shaking, crying. I’ve been waiting for this moment for a very long time. Yes, Dale is my mom! Holy moli,” she replied.

When asked if he knew anything about her existence, Noel apologetically replied “no” before the video cut off. The clip went viral with 12.2 million views, and TikTok users hoped in the comments that they would meet soon.

Sharnee has since started fundraising, trying to raise enough money to finally meet her alleged biological father, who she says has been talking to her every day since they met.


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