A Weightlifter From Tik Tok Has Gone Viral After A Frenzied Applause In The Bench Press


In a viral TikTok video, the weightlifter and influential man “bigbaker” lifted 125 kg in a bench press lying on an inclined bench, easily repeating the weight. But he didn’t just repeat the weight — the bigbaker threw him into the air many times, managing to clap his hands before catching him.

Bench press is one of the most popular exercises for measuring human strength. After all, this exercise is basic for both professional powerlifters and regular athletes, providing an excellent method for strengthening the chest and shoulders.

An inclined bench is a type of typical bench press. It is not surprising that the bench for the inclined bench is located at an angle. This provides a slightly more challenging exercise, targeting the upper chest and shoulders more than a regular bench.

The weightlifter on TikTok took another step forward in the inclined bench, demonstrating his impressive strength and technique by clapping his hands in the middle of his reps in the bench press on the inclined bench.

Weightlifter TikTok bench press with claps 125 kg
The video begins with the bigbaker sitting on an inclined bench. In the video, he pressed 125 kg of weight with incredible ease, which is equivalent to about 275 pounds.

Most lifters can only dream of such a weight when working on an inclined bench, and a bigbaker performs each repetition with 125 kg faster than most people can lift 50 kg.

After the third repetition, Bigbaker threw the barbell into the air. Bigbaker clapped his hands once, and then caught the barbell. He performed this maneuver twice in the video, and each repetition looked very clean.

World record planning


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The bench press on an inclined bench with cotton is not a standardized indicator of strength in both powerlifting and strongman competitions, so there are not many official records that have performed this exercise.

“I’ve been messing around with these “palm repetitions” for about 3 years and never thought about it, I just thought, yes, they’re cool,” Baker mentions, talking about how he started training this unique exercise.

After his viral fame and recognition of his impressive feat, Baker applied for the title of world record holder.

He told the audience: “I have submitted an application to the Guinness Book of Records to officially declare it a record, and I am looking forward to receiving a response.”


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