A Way To Use Google Stadia On iPhone Devices Found


Reddit users have found a way to use Google’s cloud game streaming service Stadia on iPhone devices. Users can use Stadia after downloading the iOS web browser called ‘Stadium’ and making the necessary adjustments.

Platforms that provide game streaming services over the cloud have been very popular recently, but iPhone users could not benefit from these services. The reason for this is that Apple does not allow services such as Google Stadia and Microsoft xCloud in its store, on the grounds that it violates App Store policies.

Apps that stream games over the cloud are still banned in the App Store, although Apple relaxed its game app rules in early September. Although the Cupertino company continues to ignore user requests, some Reddit users are designing various workarounds to run Google Stadia on iPhones. Now a Reddit user named Zachary Knox has released a solution that is already on the App Store.

How to use Google Stadia on iPhone?

The solution found by the Reddit user runs through an iOS web browser called ‘Stadium’ equipped with a user agent switcher and game controller logic. At this point, users set up the user agent for a Mac device after downloading the app and log into their Google Stadia account. They can then play Stadia games on an iOS device with full joystick support.

The workaround supports all MFi, Xbox One S, and DualShock 4 controllers, but not the official Stadia controller, according to Knox. Knox also says the browser doesn’t contain any tracking code or ads. Note that the stadium browser requires an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 14 or higher.

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Reddit users suggest that this solution is the easiest and cleanest way to play Stadia games on iPhone or iPad. Finally, you can use the download link below to download the ‘Stadium’ web browser to your devices.


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