A video of Blue Ivy imitating Beyonce’s mom’s dance moves is going viral, and fans claim they are twins


Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z are notoriously secretive when it comes to their children, rarely sharing photos or news about Blue Ivy (10) and their 5-year-old twins Sir and Rumi. The boundaries that the Lemonade singer has established, admittedly, make fans especially exciting when fans catch a glimpse of the babies — as in BTS footage from Beyonce’s visual experience of Disney + Black Is King or when Blue Ivy joined her mother’s performance at the 2022 Academy Awards ceremony. . This latest appearance is getting attention again, after fans go crazy with Blue Ivy’s dance moves.

Bey’s mother Tina Knowles shared an Instagram post showing Blue Ivy dancing to “Be Alive,” an Oscar-nominated Beyonce song from King Richard, next to a video of the Destiny’s Child singer doing the same moves 30 years ago. She noted that they are “twin brothers”, and joked that Beyonce gave birth herself. Check out the similarities between mother and daughter below:

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It was already cool to see Blue Ivy perform on stage while her mother sang at the Oscars, but it’s just stunning to see how Beyonce’s dance moves were inherited by her daughter. This family should have the fastest genetics.

Apparently, the internet agreed with Tina Knowles’ assessment that her granddaughter is “killing it,” as several fans shared their love after seeing Blue Ivy channel her mother’s energy.:

This is not the first time that the similarity of mother and daughter is noted. When Blue Ivy was 7 years old, Beyonce shared photos of the child and herself at the same age to show how similar they are. In a post by Tina Knowles pointing out the choreographic connections of mother and daughter, as well as their appearance, one commenter (presumably jokingly) could not even tell who is who in the video, saying:

❤️ What is what? Blue on the right?

Yes, if you’re wondering the same thing, blue is on the right. Of course, a 10-year-old girl has been demonstrating the ability to attract the attention of her superstar parents for many years. A clip in which she orders her parents to stop applauding during Camila Cabello’s Grammy performance in 2018 has gone viral, and she is known to distract attention from the stage during her parents’ concerts. Did we expect anything less from the daughter of the singer Run the World (Girls)?

So should fans expect Blue Ivy and the other Carter kids to follow in their mom and dad’s footsteps? Jay-Z touched on this topic a few years ago, saying that it’s more important for his children to grow up in a loving environment than trying to get them to stick to a certain business plan. Honestly, this sounds like the best answer a dad could give, because it means that whatever we see in the future, when Beyonce’s doppelganger and her two younger siblings do it, we know it will be their decision and their passion.

Disney+ subscribers can see Beyonce Knowles in the TV series “The King of Blacks”, which is an addition to the remake of “The Lion King” in 2019, in which Queen Bey voices Nala.