A video about how “Cold Heart” and Olaf are knocked down at Disney World and Hollywood studios is going viral in the most horrific way


We see that many videos from the Walt Disney World go viral, but they usually include touching moments with Disney characters or interactions with actors that are intentionally hilarious. However, sometimes something goes wrong and your Disney World video goes viral for the wrong reasons, like this poor guy who accidentally knocked out Olaf.

A video that went viral on TikTok shows a family being photographed with Olaf the Snowman at Disney’s Hollywood Studio, which is just one of many Frozen themed events at Walt Disney World. When everyone leaves, the man kisses Olaf on the carrot nose, and Olaf falls. It seems pretty clear that it was just a terrible accident, but it causes a pretty serious scene.

Although the video claims that Olaf was pushed, if you look closely, this is not the case. The guy kisses Olaf on the tip of his carrot nose, clearly trying to be nice, and everything goes terribly wrong. He puts too much weight on it, and it throws Olaf off balance. The kisser probably feels absolutely awful. However, Olaf loves a warm hug. He never said anything about wanting to be kissed.

To be fair, it should be noted that while many Disney World character costumes seem difficult to move around, Olaf looks especially difficult. There are so many costumes, and they are so unusual in shape that it should be difficult to just move in them. This is confirmed by the fact that this actor simply does not move after falling. When they descend, they are completely motionless. He looks more like a character from Toy Story than a Cold Heart in the way he falls and can’t seem to move.

Even my five—year-old child will tell you that Olaf is a man in a suit, so I’m not sure anyone was worried about “Olaf” getting hurt here, but you have to wonder about the cast. On the one hand, this suit looks like it’s nothing but padding, but it’s probably not designed for the person inside to completely collapse inside of it. Of course, one can hope that the cast is OK. Some in the comments to the video, who were in such costumes, say that the person inside can suffer greatly from such a fall. Wearing Disney World costumes is no joke.

Of course, getting up when you fall in this absorption is probably impossible without help, so you can pretend to be dead until the room is cleared. If there are children who thought Olaf was real, they will be really amazed when Olaf is helped up, because it will probably reveal the truth behind the mask.


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