A very stylish evening dress with Iris Mittenaere Diego!


Iris Mittenaere caused a sensation on Instagram by revealing several photos of her and her darling to wish a Merry Christmas to her fans!

On the occasion of Christmas Eve, Iris Mittenaere unveiled 2 beautiful photos of her with her darling! Diego and she were dressed in evening dress!

As a good influencer who respects himself, Thursday, December 24, 2020, Iris Mittenaere wanted to wish a happy Christmas Eve to her community! Indeed, the latter posted 2 pictures of her and her darling, Diego El Glaoui!

Thus, on the images in question, Iris wore a breathtaking black evening dress while her lover had bet on simplicity: black pants and white shirt!

A cliché that fans of the beautiful Iris Mittenaere obviously loved! Indeed, in just a few hours, the post in question has already accumulated more than 160,000 likes, a real record!


The beautiful Iris Mittenaere accompanied her post with the following caption: “Merry Christmas! I wish you all a Merry Christmas! May this evening be filled with love, all my thoughts are with those who are not surrounded tonight, or who are missing a person at the table … I give you a big hug! ”

A beautiful message that his fans adored … Indeed, you only have to read the many comments to realize it! “Thanks Iris, always the right word! »« Merry Christmas to you and also to your darling! ”

Or again: “Beautiful you and your darling!” I wish you a good Christmas Eve between lovers Iris Mittenaere! »We can read on the social network of the young woman of 27 years!

Comments all more adorable than each other which will therefore please the beauty queen! We now let you in turn admire the pictures in question of Iris and her darling below!


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