A unique intersection of animals: New Horizons fan art presents Bi as a human

The Animal Crossing series has introduced players to a number of villagers since its inception. Each part of the franchise adds new animals that will visit the players’ cities and live in them, and they all speak a unique animal language. There are several non-player characters in Animal Crossing, each of which has its own unique appearance and character.
One of the villagers that players may encounter is a Beagle, a beagle who wears a green-white-orange dress. She was featured in the first Animal Crossing game to appear in the US, and also appeared in New Leaf and New Horizons. One artist decided to imagine how Bea would look in human form, adding a little of her own flair to the work of art.
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The artist, known as Zemmyvox, shared a piece of art they drew with Bi from Animal Crossing in human form. The redditor gave the beagle’s human appearance dark brown hair matching the original’s ears. Her freckles were also preserved, although the artist changed her eyes from black to golden brown, which better suited her hair. Zemmyvox changed the dress of the villagers to a shirt with the same pattern and added beige trousers along with a denim jacket. The artist also added jewelry to the image of a person, giving her earrings that match the shirt she wears, as well as a gold necklace and a chain with a heart pendant.
I tried to draw Bea as a human from AnimalCrossing.
The article received a lot of positive reviews on Reddit. Many users find this art cute, and one of them mentioned that Bea is constantly present on their island. One of the commentators stated that they could imagine a human Bea with eyes more like a beagle, but they like the work of Zemvivox. The piece that Redditor came up with is incredibly cute and is a creative way to see one of the villagers from Animal Crossing.
Zemmyvox is not the only one who drew a resident in the form of a person. A redditor under the nickname ZoeyKing_ drew a rabbit villager Coco from Animal Crossing in the form of a person, and the results turned out to be quite frightening. ZoeyKing_ was able to keep Coco’s dark skin, shirt and dress, but left sunken eyes and mouth. While Coco is taking a cute pose, the darkness in the rabbit’s eyes is still a little creepy. This is another creative way to look at the villager, although Coco’s art is a little scary rather than quite cute.
Animal Crossing: New Horizons is already available for the Nintendo Switch.