A true crime drama: “Dahmer” sets a new Netflix record


Netflix got another mega hit! Currently, the streaming giant’s own production is working very well. After the fourth season of “Stranger Things” broke all records, a new competition appeared: “Dahmer Monster: The Story of Jeffrey Dahmer.” A true crime drama tells a dark story and attracted a lot of viewers to the screens. With success, because in the first few weeks “Dahmer” immediately set a record.

Now Netflix has announced the triumph of its new hit: in the first week, “Dahmer” scored almost two million hours of streaming, in the second — almost three million — while only “Stranger Things” were better. In just twelve days, the series has accumulated almost five million hours. This makes it one of the most popular Netflix formats of all time, ahead of such successful formats as “Ozark”. The main actors around Evan Peters (35) and Richard Jenkins can also win this victory. Evan embodies the main character Jeffrey Dahmer, one of the most famous serial killers of all time, who from 1978 to 1991 did evil in the US state of Wisconsin.

But what exactly is “Dahmer” about? At the center of the series, of course, the horrific crimes of Jeffrey Dahmer. First of all, the stories of the victims should be told. Since Dahmer managed not to be caught for almost 10 years, the series also focuses on the issue of “institutional failure of the police.”


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