A Total War Saga: Analysis, Troy Burning


The Iliad makes the leap to the video game in a new installment of the famous Total War saga. Because Andromache must feel our passion not only in bed, but also on the battlefield.

The Total War saga is beginning to be worth studying. Years go by, games go by, and they are all just as fun and entertaining as the first one out. They may not innovate practically anything, as happens in this A Total War Saga: Troy, but they know their virtues and defects so well that they do not need to go up to the top floor of the building, but to clean up very well where they live in that building. moment.

Because this Total War Troy takes the playable premises of what was previously seen in the franchise, especially what was done with Britannia and the more than excellent Total War Three Kingdoms, and takes it to its terrain, that located between myth and history and how much game – never better said – can give on the battlefield. And now, in addition, with 7.4 million players from day one. Aquiles and Héctor smacking each other. Wonderful.

Troy burns

When Creative Assembly set out a few years ago to create small iterations of the Total War franchise, those of us studio lovers raised an eyebrow: did this mean a drop in quality in their next works? Was it a way to exploit the chicken of the golden eggs? Behind the official statement was the intention to address historical periods that could be less deep than the best known, but that, it was thought, could have a hole within the saga.

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This is how Total War Britannia arrived … and the doubts were cleared. Britannia took almost everything from its predecessor and brought it into that historical context with a few small implementations. And then Three Kingdoms landed and it did introduce significant news – beyond history – to make the considerable leap. Climb that rung where Total War Troy now sits.

Taking advantage of the Iliad to make a video game means entering a messy terrain where reality and myth embrace, two kisses and a “magician did it” in which anything goes. And in Total War this symbiosis of reality and mythology is collected in great detail, because you can control a minotaur on the battlefield as well as the best of the Achaean slingers.


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