A tool to make it easier for those who can’t find photos from Gmail to their profile


Google has developed a tool to help those who can’t find what to put in the profile photo section of their Gmail account.


As we can transfer an image from our phone’s gallery to the profile photo section in the Gmail application; we can also upload it to our profile by taking instant shots directly from the camera. In addition, we can choose from images saved in Google Photos. The photo we choose is automatically adjusted to our account in all Google services such as YouTube and Drive. So we don’t need to specify them separately.

Were there times when you couldn’t decide which photo to put? The tool called ‘Google Illustrations’ aims to save users from this trouble.

Collection of dozens of photos integrated into Gmail application

The new tool called Google Illustrations brings together different photos. You can access it directly from the Gmail application, and you can also set it as a profile photo without any extra processing. Google announced the new feature with the following statements:

We all have different tastes and preferences. Whether you’re a cat person, a food lover or an avid traveler. Try searching for a place, a hobby, a favorite animal or creature from your home country.

Profile photo selected from the Google Illustrations tool; It will be available on Google Workspace (Gmail, Docs, etc.), Contacts for Android, Maps (reviews, location sharing), YouTube, and all Google services. In a statement on the subject, the company said that it developed this tool especially for those who avoid using real photos due to privacy concerns.

According to the statement, the new feature will be available in the Gmail app for Android starting today. When you click on your profile icon in the upper right corner, you can access Google Illustrations from the section that appears.


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