A Third All-Digital Xbox Named ‘Xbox Series V’ Appears


It has been claimed that there will be another product among Microsoft’s upcoming new game consoles. This console, which is said to be named “Xbox Series V”, will be completely digital and will offer performance between Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

US-based technology giant Microsoft announced the price and release date of the new game console Xbox Series X in a statement it made recently. While the players continued their joy at the price announced by Microsoft, there has now been another interesting development. It started to talk that Microsoft could introduce a third Xbox.

Twitter user Idle Sloth, a strict Xbox messenger, said with a post that the new Xboxs will come in three models, not two. Stating that this third console will be named “Xbox Series V”, Sloth stated that this console is placed between Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S in terms of performance. Also, this third Xbox will not have any disc input. In other words, the console will appear completely digital.

Here is a visual of Xbox Series V leaked

In fact, you may have a hard time believing the Xbox Series V. Because, after all, cutting the Xbox Series X’s disc entry section and thinning this console does not require professional Photoshop knowledge. However, we’re going to tell you about a possibly forgotten codename. In July, an Xbox codenamed “Edinburgh” appeared in the operating system codes of Xbox One. So the existence of a third console has been known for some time.

Here’s that Twitter post that reveals the existence of the third Xbox

The existence of the Xbox Series V is not so surprising. Because both Microsoft and Sony are designing variants with and without disc in the game consoles they design. In fact, Sony has already announced the “Digital Edition” version of PlayStation 5. However, Microsoft has not made such a statement so far. Probably, the coming days will reveal the existence of such a console, if any.

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