A teenager once apologized to Prince Harry for hugging his wife Meghan Markle


Many of us imagined our favorite celebrity entering our class more than we would like to admit. And for a high school student of Robert Clack’s school, this dream turned into reality. Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, was completing her last tour before leaving the royal family in 2020. She visited the school to inspire them and talk to them about important issues.

After the “Force Majeure” actress finished her performance, she asked one of the students to come on stage and talk about what role men and boys play on International Women’s Day. And the student who accepted this challenge was brave. Not only because he went up on stage to speak in front of the Duchess of Sussex, but also because he kept talking.

What did a student do to Meghan Markle that he had to apologize to Prince Harry?

The brave student who took to the stage to tell his other classmates about the role of men and boys on International Women’s Day was Aker Okoye. In addition, Okoye was only sixteen when he made the Duchess of Sussex blush with his words, and also apologized to Prince Harry for hugging his wife. “She’s really beautiful, isn’t she?” he started with a bang.

The video was posted on Sussex’s official Instagram page and indicated in the caption so that viewers would also pay attention to the rest of Okoye’s performance. “I want International Women’s Day to be a reminder for all of us of how strong our community is with women inside,” Okoye said.

His wise words brought him Meghan Markle’s hug. And Okoye liked it. But, fearing to cross the line, the student wrote a note of apology. In the note, Okoye calls Meghan Markle an “inspiration,” and this shows how much he was “delighted.” But the line that takes the cake is: “I hope you didn’t mind me hugging your wife.”

The note he wrote to be polite and respectful soon went viral and was published in almost all tabloids. Considering how charming Prince Harry has turned out to be in his various public appearances, we doubt that he would even want to quarrel with another wonderful student.

But if Costumes had come his way, a video on the Duchess’s official Instagram page showing how she was the first to offer a hug would have proved his innocence. This is, without a doubt, one of the most touching meetings with the royal family.

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