A Teacher: analyze the final episode of actors miniseries


Recently, in an interview with Variety, Kate Mara and Nick Robinson, protagonists of A Teacher, met with Hannah Fidell, the creator of the production, to analyze its outcome.

Every week a new episode of the miniseries was shown on the FX channel and was also available on streaming Hulu, which is not yet available in Brazil.

Throughout the conversation, Kate Mara, an interpreter for Professor Claire Wilson, stated that she had understood all the difficulties of playing her character. According to the actress, her biggest motivation was to be able to explore the unusual situation of a potential aggressor.

In the plot, Mara’s character has an affair with a 17-year-old student (played by Nick Robinson). The episodes addressed several complexities around the subject, in addition to the consequences of the abusive coercion that the teacher has with her student.

Robinson, during the interview, also revealed that one of the factors that most caught his attention with the repercussion of the miniseries was the public’s frankness in discussing issues of sexual violence over the internet.

And according to Hannah Fidell, who relied on her homonymous film for the construction of the narrative, the outcome needed to problematize all of this in a forceful way.

Find out more about the final episode of A Teacher

Last Tuesday (29), viewers were able to see how the story ended. The 10th episode started about ten years after the events that occurred in what had been presented in the previous week.

Attention, spoilers ahead!

In the first few minutes, the audience knew a little more about the fate of the central characters after so long. Gradually, the paths of both ended up crossing again and a reunion occurred.

Facing each other, the final scene shows that Eric was able to analyze what he lived in the past, telling Claire that the relationship the two had had abruptly destroyed him.

According to Kate Mara, when her character arrives to meet Eric, she still believes that what she had with him was consensual, but ends up reflecting when her former student tells her about her experience.

For Hannah Fidell, who suffered a similar situation in real life, confronting her abuser is something she would have liked to have done, but she did not have the opportunity.

“Many victims or survivors, whatever you want to call it, never get a chance to say that. I felt very powerful at that moment, ”she revealed about the outcome of the miniseries.

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