A Symptom of Corona Virus Only Appears in Men


Researchers from Harvard University School of Medicine announced that the coronavirus test result of a man who went to the hospital with testicular pain was positive. Testicular pain in men is thought to be a rare symptom of coronavirus.

It is a known fact that coronavirus has many different side effects from high fever to dry cough. Now, the researchers have explained a very unknown symptom of the virus so far. This extremely rare symptom appears in the form of incredible pain and soreness in the testicles of men.

Researchers from Harvard University School of Medicine presented a case report about a 42-year-old man with a positive coronavirus test result after going to the hospital with a ‘stabbing feeling’ in his testicles. Doctors, who could not find anything wrong in the man’s testicles, found damage to the lungs after computed tomography. Two days later, the man was diagnosed with COVID-19.

More than 25 patients and healthcare professionals may potentially be exposed to the virus:
The 42-year-old man, who was positive for the coronavirus test, is thought to have been exposed to the virus unknowingly, as several other patients and the healthcare provider were not known to have none of the known symptoms. At this point, authorities reported that more than 25 patients and healthcare workers were potentially exposed to the virus.

It is not clear whether testicular pain is one of the main symptoms of coronavirus, but other viruses are also known to affect the testicles. Speaking to MailOnline about this, Viney says that there are some viruses that can affect testicles such as mumps, and that over time, we will see if COVID-19 also affects testicles.

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What are the main symptoms of coronavirus?
The new type of coronavirus has many different symptoms known so far. At this point, the symptoms detected in the majority of patients are as follows:

Cold and flu-like symptoms.
Fever and sore throat.
Nausea and diarrhea if immunity is weak.
Difficulty in eating and drinking.
Joint pain.
Dry cough.
Shortness of breath.

Although common symptoms of coronavirus are this way, the researchers say that the virus can also occur with symptoms such as coordination and speech impairment, and confusion and muscle weakness.


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