A Student Built Fusion Reactor in the USA


13-year-old Jackson Oswalt, from Memphis, Tennessee, was the youngest person to develop a fusion reactor by developing a functional fusion reactor hours before his birthday. The 13-year-old has thus earned him a place in the Guinness World Records.

Fusion reactors are a topic that is very interesting today and it is a known fact that different nations spend billions on this issue. It is also very difficult to build these fusion reactors, which enable the use of the energy released by combining the atoms instead of separating them. But Jackson Oswalt, who built the reactor just before he turned 13, from the age of 12, did so in home conditions.

Jackson stated in his statements that the reactor works alone in the design and production parts. Sharing his success with the Guinness World Records, Jackson said, “Although the temperatures in the reactor change, it can rise up to 100 million (kelvin) degrees”.

Describing the process in a video he shot, Jackson explained that he managed to accelerate two deuterium (heavy hydrogen) atoms using electricity; He stated that as a result, the atoms produced helium 3 (isotope), which could heat water and create steam by releasing neutrons. It was also highlighted that this steam can also be used to generate electricity.

It is worth noting that while Jackson Oswalt is the youngest fusion reactor manufacturer ever, the previous owner of the record is not too big either. Taylor Wilson, who created the fusion reactor at the age of 14, was the former owner of the record, and Jackson expressed his inspiration from Wilson in his statements.

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