A strange glitch in GTA Online makes the NPC spin like a ballerina


A GTA Online player shared a video game in which an NPC goes crazy, spinning on the spot like a ballerina or figure skater. Mistakes are quite common in open-world games like Grand Theft Auto Online, but it’s still a funny sight.

GTA Online was launched almost ten years ago, and to the credit of Rockstar Games, it eliminated many of the most common mistakes in the name. Of course, add a little lag and anything is possible, which looks like it could have been in play in this last clip.

GTA player and Reddit user “Probably-Plastic-775” shared a video clip about their meeting with an enemy NPC that went awry. Upon entering the room, the player notices an enemy in the corner, and they aim to shoot at each other. However, something went wrong, and several shots fired by the Incredibly-Plastic-775 don’t seem to match at all, and the NPC stands still for a while. However, this suddenly changes when the NPC takes one shot and then starts spinning rapidly, shooting in all directions before abruptly starting to fall due to multiple shots.

Ballerina from GrandTheftAutoV

The player may have frozen or temporarily lost connection to the server. As a result, the game probably didn’t register the player’s shots at first, and when the player’s connection stabilized, it probably tried to display all the actions taken by the NPC at the same time. It is unclear whether the physics associated with multiple shots is the reason that the NPC is spinning while firing, or if he has some kind of aiming failure due to the delay. However, seeing an NPC react this way in the midst of a mission must have been quite amusing for the player. Fortunately, they weren’t shot by GTA NPCs after they had already died, as another player recently experienced.

Of course, strange physical and animation crashes in Grand Theft Auto are far from uncommon. Players have had moments when GTA cars seemingly defied gravity, or strange moments like jumping out of an aircraft only for the player character to spin rapidly during descent, like helicopter blades. Other Rockstar Games are also not insured: there are a number of strange physical failures in Red Dead Redemption 2, perhaps the most notable of which is the famous bridge that can send Arthur and others into the air.

Although the heyday of Grand Theft Auto Online may be in the past, and Rockstar Games seems to be saying goodbye to GTA 5, the game is still extremely popular. It’s unclear if GTA Online will change or even shut down when GTA 6 is released, but moments like this will probably remain funny memories long after the series continues.

GTA Online is already available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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