A Step Back in Facebook’s Disclosure of Hate Speech to Russians


Facebook, with a shocking statement last week, announced that it would allow hate speech to “Putin and the Russian invaders”. After this controversial and reactionary statement, Facebook took a step back.

The Russia-Ukraine war, which has been going on for almost three weeks, has had devastating effects in every area you can think of. Alongside the civilians who lost their lives, the cities hit and the people who left their homes to escape the war; The economies of both countries have been hit hard.

However, another controversial aspect of this war was the statements of ‘sanctions against the Russians’, from world giant companies to the sports world, from universities to orchestras. In addition to the steps taken to wear down Russia economically, decisions such as the dismissal of a Russian conductor in the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra were criticized for feeding hatred towards the Russian people and evolving into racism around the world. One such step was taken by Facebook last week.

Allowing hate speech against Putin and Russian troops backed down after backlash

“As a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, we have temporarily allowed forms of political expression that would normally violate our rules, such as violent speeches such as ‘death to the Russian occupiers,'” in a shocking statement released a few days ago by parent company Meta on behalf of Facebook and Instagram. ” statements are included; It was clearly stated that hate speech would be tolerated.

Today, another statement from the company was interpreted as a big reverse. Meta Head of Global Relations Nick Clegg said in a statement on the subject that they do not support hate speech against both the Russians and the ‘killing of a head of state’; stated that they will go to update the community guides to clarify this issue.

“We do not tolerate calls for genocide, ethnic cleansing or any form of discrimination, harassment or violence against Russians on our platform,” Clegg said in a statement. used the phrases. After all these developments and the release of hate speech, Russia blocked access to Instagram; Millions of users were banned from accessing the platforms.