A Starbucks Employee Was Upset, Mistaking a Man’s Girlfriend For a Dog


A Starbucks employee went viral after mistaking a customer’s girlfriend for a dog and even offered her a pupuccino before realizing her joking mistake.

Starbucks is one of the most famous coffee chains in America. Offering a wide selection of coffee, tea, breakfast products and more, this place has become quite popular among people to get their daily cup of Joe.

One unique item that is on the Starbucks menu is “pupuccino” — cappuccino for dogs. However, there is no coffee here. Instead, it’s just a little cup of whipped cream for owners who want to include their furry friends in their regular Starbucks runs.

It’s not uncommon for owners to ask for a pupuccino at a gas station… so one Starbucks employee just assumed the customer wanted it when they pulled up to the window.

Starbucks Barista Accidentally Mistook a Customer’s Girlfriend For a Dog

TikTok user Libby Owens recorded her shocked reaction when she asked if a man’s dog wanted a cappuccino, but it turned out that he didn’t actually have a dog in his car.

Instead, it was his girlfriend in a fluffy coat, and Libby was upset about it.



Her hilarious clip has gained almost three million views since being uploaded just a day ago, and viewers can’t help but share their awkward experience after making assumptions about people.

“One day I told a girl that I liked her blush, and she said, ‘Thank you, this is my rosacea,'” one user commented.

“One day a customer had a dog on his lap and I said, ‘Oh, is she asleep?’ and she didn’t have eyes,” another shared.

Another said TikTok gave them a good idea for buying Starbucks on the cheap: “Now I know what to wear when I need a free cappuccino.”

Although Starbucks secret menu items usually take TikTok by storm, this annoying barista mistake makes users laugh all over the app. (However, there is no word on whether the girlfriend accepted the offer of a cappuccino.)


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