A Sony AI Will Solve The Plays That Need The Intervention Of The VAR


Sony: There is nothing that upsets a football fan more than a bad refereeing decision. You can’t always blame the officials, especially those on the pitch, who are constantly watching the action. Sometimes the VAR team also have a bad day and a play seen from other angles can mean the difference between an offside or a valid play with a goal.

It is in these cases where Sony wants to do its bit, with the presentation of an artificial intelligence that helps prevent offside.

Goodbye to offside with Sony AI

The offside position is the most common in a soccer match and that is difficult for more than one to understand. Our teammates from the soccer area will surely know how to see it at the moment, but for those who do not have an eye on this type of situation, it is enough to know if the player who receives the ball was between the last defense and the goalkeeper at the time they were execute the pass.

This would be the theory, but applying it is quite another thing. The reason is determined, in the first place, by the linemen, who are referees who are exclusively dedicated to detecting offside. But when everything seems confusing there is a last option which is to ask the referees that make up the VAR. Through viewing the play from various points, the referees determine whether or not a play is valid.

But of course, the VAR may fail in situations in which a heel is what differentiates the goal from the canceled play and it may be that in those delicate moments it is better for the machine to decide. For those times, Sony has developed a hawk-eye technology with which to determine the offside. The firm already had this technology at stake, but it has added a function called Skeletrack that recreates a game in 3D to obtain an impartial and transparent verdict of what happens.

The first stadium to be recreated with this technology is the Etihad Stadium, home to Manchester City, which could be one of the first to incorporate this technology if the federation approves it.