A Sniper in SM? Min Hee Jin Explains Why NewJeans Don’t Have a Worldview


Against the background of the trend to have a unique worldview among K-pop groups, ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin explained why NewJeans do not have such a concept. Is she shooting at SM Entertainment?

Min Hee Jin told why NewJeans don’t have a worldview

ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin, the creator of NewJeans “Monster Rookie”, made a sharp “attack” on the K-pop market.

In January, Cine 21 published an interview with the CEO of Min. In an interview on the same day , she stated:

“There have been many cases of adding a particular worldview or narrative recently, but I don’t think NewJeans have a notable standout foundation.”

When asked:

“Was this a deliberate escape from the worldview that the K-pop industry has recently settled into?”

In response , CEO Min replied:

“Simply put, I am a person who has a strong antipathy to the worldview that K-pop belongs to.”

As a brief context, a worldview, also called a metaverse, refers to the concept of a group in which it follows a particular narrative. The main story was usually shown through the connecting ideas of each song/video that the band releases.

Regarding why NewJeans does not follow such a concept, Min Hee Jin explained:

  • “Some people who have constantly seen our message may call our message a kind of worldview. The perception of the worldview from this point of view is welcome.”
  • (But) there was no reason to get hung up on the worldview (concept). NewJeans will quickly toss up a topic that needs to be tossed every time.”

ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin Snipe of SM Entertainment? How people react

When an interview with CEO Min, who expressed antipathy to the K-pop worldview, spread on the Internet, some Internet users and K-pop enthusiasts raised rumors, stating:

“Isn’t CEO Min Hee Jin targeting SM Entertainment?”

While there are K-Netz who think the CEO is just laying out his thoughts on the concept, some argue that Min has something to say about SM Entertainment.

In particular, before joining HYBE and launching her own label ADOR, Min Hee Jin was initially known as the legendary creative director of SM Entertainment, who shot many hits by SHINee, f(x), EXO, Red Velvet and others.

However, after about 17 years of working with SM, she decided to leave, feeling burned out due to too much work.

After her remark, many people think that one of the reasons she left was also SM’s decision to launch KWANGYA, the agency’s worldview that SM artists follow.
Some of the groups with such vivid concepts were EXO, pioneers of the worldview, and aespa, the first female group to introduce AI members, ae-aespa.

Internet users responded to CEO Min’s remarks about the worldview by saying:

  • “Obviously, this is sniper shooting at SM.”
  • “I like SM singers, but I agree with that.”
  • “NewJeans is Min Hee Jin’s worldview.”
  • “Yes, there is no need to get hung up on worldviews.”


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