A Smart Watch That Can Measure The Danger Of Covid-19 Has Been Developed!


A newly developed smart watch can detect the carbon dioxide value in the air and warn its user about the cleanliness of the air he is in.


Working on smart watches, developer Scott Ananian has produced a watch that can measure the level of carbon dioxide in the air, using the open source watch called Watchy. In this way, the developer aims to detect the human density in the environment and naturally the danger of COVID-19.

Watchy-based watch can measure carbon dioxide level

With the introduction of smart watches into our lives, the capabilities of such new generation accessories are improving day by day. Finally, Apple has announced that it will try to detect diseases such as depression and autism with the Apple Watch in the near future. A developer named Scott Ananinan managed to detect the level of carbon dioxide in the air by producing a smart watch called Watchy, which is open to users to develop.

By nature, humans are creatures that take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide. Although the increase in carbon dioxide level in the environment depends on other variables, it mostly means an increase in the number of people in the environment. In this sense, the risk of contracting diseases such as COVID-19, which is transmitted by respiratory tract, is much higher in places where carbon dioxide levels are high.

A developer living in the USA has developed a smartwatch that can measure the level of carbon dioxide in the air using Watchy’s ready-made watch kit and Sensiron SCD40 and SCD41 sensors. The watch displays carbon dioxide in the air in particles per minute (ppm) and graphs it second by second.

Another smartwatch developed with Watchy…

The developer of the watch states that he used an open-source watch called Watchy, which is modifiable and with electronic ink, to prepare this kit. Although the watch offers a resolution of 200×200 pixels, it draws attention with a 180-degree viewing angle and ultra-low power consumption. Weighing only 13 grams, Watchy has dimensions of 46 x 35 x 9.5 mm.

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