A Smart Watch from Tesla to Be Used as a Car Key


Xplora Technologies, a Norwegian-based smartwatch manufacturer, announced in a notification to the US Federal Communications Authority that it has designed a smart watch with Tesla. Why Tesla did such a thing is unknown, but there are some possible reasons.

Tesla, which has become one of the most important names in the automobile industry, is transitioning to a very different sector. Xplora Technologies, a Norwegian-based smartwatch manufacturer, reported to the US Federal Communications Board (FCC) that it has developed a smart watch with Tesla. So why is Tesla working on a joint project with this smart watch manufacturer?

Xplora Technologies is a company that mainly produces smart watches for children. In the statement given to the FCC, it is stated that this company and Tesla are working as a partner in the production of a smart watch, and even both companies have the same powers. So Tesla and Xplora Technologies have established a very serious partnership.

It’s hard to understand why Tesla is collaborating with a smartwatch manufacturer. However, we have two different options to understand this. While these options do not precisely explain Tesla’s entry into the smartwatch industry, they can provide important clues as to why Tesla did such a thing. Let’s take a closer look at the possible reasons for Tesla’s entry into the smartwatch industry.

The first reason Tesla entered the smartwatch industry may be the possibility of Xplora Technologies being acquired. In other words, Tesla may be aiming to make money through a brand new industry by incorporating this company. But if Tesla has not acquired Xplora Technologies, it may be trying to take advantage of the company’s infrastructure and platform, which seems a bit stronger.

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Third-party developers have recently tried to develop interesting applications for Apple Watch. The main purpose of these applications was to enable Tesla branded vehicles to be controlled. Tesla can also be in such a plan. The company already cares about using smartphones instead of keys for Model 3 and Model Y. In addition, Tesla wants to design a smart watch that can be used as a switch, and may be partnering with Xplora Technologies for this. Whether these predictions come true or not will come to light over time.


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