A Smart Bed That Helps You Stop Snoring And Adapts According To Your Birthday


Smart Bed: Since the first iPhone implemented the ‘smart’ concept in mobile phones in 2007, in these 15 years we have seen how all the things we use in the day have become ‘smart’, such as the television, the car, the washing machine, the lights, the blinds, and yes: even the bed. Because there are ‘smart beds’ or smart beds, like the ones manufactured by the Sleep Number company.

A smart anti-snoring bed

Taking advantage of the framework offered by the CES event, the first major electronics fair of the year, Sleep Number has presented the latest version of its 360 smart bed. The company has incorporated more functions into the product, such as the ability to control temperature bodily.

The graphite-infused foam mattress can cool or warm each side of the bed to maintain each person’s preferred temperature throughout the night. The Climate360 mattress also has this function. The smart bed can also warm your feet to help you sleep.

Like the current model, it has a snoring detection feature. This can make the bed elevate your head to mitigate moderate snoring. In addition, the bed can be fully tilted to open the airway and help you breathe easier, keeping your spine properly aligned.

Designed to adapt to your needs as you grow

One of the central ideas of the latest model is that it is designed to adapt to your changing needs. For example, it can be raised or lowered to help those who are pregnant, have an injury, or are just getting old, get in and out of bed. The bed is capable of monitoring parameters such as heart rate and respiratory rate, and whether the person has had a good night’s sleep.

The 360 ​​Smart Bed offers sleep tracking and provides details on things like sleep duration and quality. Over time, it may be able to monitor for signs of insomnia, sleep apnea, or cardiac events and alert the sleeper to possible conditions. Software updates will add more functionality and knowledge over time, according to its creators.