A Skyrim fan Points Out a Clever Detail about the Dragon Burials map


The main quest Ancient Scrolls 5: Skyrim tells an epic story about the player character Dragonborn, who discovers his special abilities at a time when ancient dragons seem to be coming back to life. Skyrim’s main quest takes players to all sorts of interesting and dangerous locations, one of which was visited quite early in the game – the Black Falls Barrow Dungeon, a place filled with deadly traps and enemies.

During the main quest of Black Falls Barrow, Skyrim players are instructed to go to the titular dungeon and get the Dragonstone. At the end of the dungeon, Skyrim players will learn the word from the cry “Inexorable Force”, which awakens the Draugr Lord to life. After defeating the Draugr Lord, Skyrim players can plunder his body to obtain the Dragonstone, which they will then deliver to Fahrengar, located in Whiterun in Dragon Reach.

Later, Skyrim players will have to meet Delphine at the Sleeping Giant Tavern to complete the main quest. Delphine will show the Dragonborn her secret room, and it is here that the Dragon Burial Map is located. The map shows players the location of the dragon mounds scattered across the lands of Skyrim, and players must first use it to find the dragon mound, in particular in the Grove of Kines, but it can also be used to search for other mounds.

Wow. I just realize that this map is a worn-out tablet with a dragon stone from Skyrim.

An interesting detail that Skyrim players may not have noticed in the Dragon Burial Map is that in fact it is an impression of the Dragon Stone from the quest Mound falls darkly. This was pointed out by Reddit user TryHard-Rune in a message that, at the time of writing this article, had gained more than 8000 votes. Judging by the comments, many other Skyrim players also never realized this detail, although others claim that they always knew about it.

Skyrim is an absolutely huge game with a world full of such small details, so it’s not surprising that many players have never noticed it. In the end, this is a rather small detail in the main quest of Skyrim, and the main quest of the game is really just the tip of the iceberg. Skyrim has plenty of side quests, dungeons, and more to keep players busy almost indefinitely.

“Skyrim”. Despite the fact that Skyrim was more than ten years old at the time, Skyrim returned to the video game sales charts last month, showing that gamers never seem to get tired of the game. As more people return to the world of Skyrim, it will be interesting to see if the community discovers other small details like this.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim — The anniversary edition has already been released for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.