A Skyrim fan plays with over 300 installed mods


One player tests the limitations of Skyrim by playing a game with a total of 328 mods installed. Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is one of the most popular games in the modder community. “Bethesda”, some of which radically change the key features of the game. for example, a mod, such as the Skyrim mod, which allows players to become a dragon.

Meanwhile, other well-known mods affect other features of the game, such as improving gameplay, graphics or sound. The Skyrim Together mod is one of the most popular – as it allows users to play the game in cooperative mode with their friends. Most players prefer to apply multiple mods to get the best experience, but some go even further, for example, a reddit user with jailson1mendes who plays Skyrim with over 300 mods.

Jailson1 corrects uploaded a short video to the social media platform, which captures a brief part of their passage. The title of the clip confirms that the user has installed 328 mods, and the two-minute shots begin with the player’s character running around different areas of the Skyrim map, including forests, meadows and a small town. Small interactions with other NPCs are also shown. The video clearly demonstrates a dramatic improvement in graphics, as the environment looks more realistic than in the original, and the quality of water and flora is the main point. Moreover, the NPCs, including the dog, look very realistic.

My skyrim with 328 mods, thanks to the modders 🙂 (a bit of combat gameplay at 1:25) from Skyrim

In addition to glimpses of the open world of Skyrim, the clip also shows small fragments of combat gameplay, which looks very impressive and significantly improved compared to the original. Some unique and really amazing moves have been noticed. The Skyrim community on Reddit highly appreciated this post, and many were wondering what mods jailson1 uses to make changes. Most people wanted to know about the fighting mod that improves the wildlife of the Screem. The original poster was kind enough to show their entire list of mods, and also provided download links.

Modding is one of the ways Skyrim remains one of the leading games even a decade after its initial release. Some fans use Elder Scrolls 6 mods, some fans use mods to enhance their Skyrim experience. The community has high hopes for the sixth installment of the franchise, as most people want to improve the difficulty system, while others want the best vampires in Elder Scrolls 6.

Skyrim Special Edition is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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