A Skyrim fan made a “Sleeping Giant” sign from real life


The Skyrim World is huge and full of many unique locations that players can visit. Unsurprisingly, over the past decade, many gamers have traveled to most of these locations found in the game. For example, one of the places in Skyrim that players can visit during their travels is the Sleeping Giant Tavern.

The Sleeping Giant Hotel, located in Riverwood, is run by Delphine and is a suitable stop for tired adventurers. It has not only accommodation for those who need rest, but also several other amenities for players, such as alchemical laboratories. Recently, a Skyrim fan decided to remake the classic part of this tavern into the real world.

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On Reddit, a user known as KitLivingstone shared a photo of an impressive woodworking project they recently completed. However, this piece of wood stood out because they decided to carve a real version of the sign from the Sleeping Giant Tavern found in Skyrim. In the image, the real wood carving has many of the same characteristics as its counterpart in the game. For example, the name of the hotel was at the top of the signboard, and a beautifully carved figure of a sleeping giant occupied the lower part of the drawing. In addition, the wood carvings were painted in colors that can be seen in Skyrim.

We made a sign “Sleeping Giant”. from skyrim

Interestingly, KitLivingstone has done more than just showcasing his work on Reddit. In addition, they showed the steps needed to create fine wood carvings. According to a Reddit user, the sign was carved from a sweet gum tree using a CNC machine. After it was completed, their wife painted it. In addition, they said that in the coming weeks they intend to make even more signs based on places in Skyrim.

It is not surprising that a number of members of the Skyrim community on Reddit commented on this incredible real sign of the Sleeping Giant tavern. scored more KitLivingstone scored more than 4,600 votes. Among the comments, many praised the level of detail in the work. In addition to complimenting the artist for his work, some believed that the design of the sleeping giant on the sign resembled Hagrid from the Harry Potter series of books.

It will be interesting to see “The Elder Scrolls”. Although many are probably hoping to create an illustration based on Ancient Scrolls 6, which is in development, it seems that the game is still far away. While Bethesda has not yet revealed more news about this project, gamers like KitLivingstone and his wife will most likely continue to create breathtaking works of art based on the ancient Scrolls 5: Skyrim.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is already available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.