A Skyrim courier is trying to deliver a Message at a Ridiculously Dangerous Time


Few Skyrim characters are as dedicated to their work as couriers. Couriers in Skyrim will chase the Dragonborn for miles and into incredibly dangerous territory, and all this just to deliver a letter. Over the years, Skyrim players have encountered couriers in completely bizarre places in the game, such as when one Skyrim courier was found underwater. “Skyrim”.

In the main story of Skyrim, players reach a quest called “The Fallen”, which requires them to catch a dragon in Whiterun. Skyrim players end up capturing the dragon Odawing, who eventually becomes their ally. But before Odawing and Dragonborn started working together, the dragon got very angry and started spitting fire at anyone who approached him. It was during the Odawing rampage that this particular Skyrim courier decided to announce his presence.

Skyrim fans can see, uploaded on the Reddit site by the user ChemistryBlood, Skyrim fans can see how Dragonborn confronts Odawing in Whiterun. When Odawing shoots at Whiterun’s guards, a Skyrim courier appears to deliver the letter. The Skyrim courier casually mentions that he is not sure who the letter is from, but that he is a friend of the Dragonborn. The courier explains this while the Odawing fire fills the entire screen, creating a rather hilarious spectacle.

There must be an important message. from skyrim

When the Skyrim courier finishes speaking, the Dragonborn tries to get out of the way of the Odawing flame. They pass by the courier and retreat into Dragon’s Reach, with Odawing stomping after them. The courier stays put, ignoring the huge dragon looming right behind them.

Skyrim players are used to couriers doing their best to deliver their letters. Over the years, many clips have been published in which Skyrim couriers appeared at the most inopportune moments, interrupting important events to deliver their letters. This may annoy some Skyrim fans, but others appreciate how dedicated the couriers are to their work. After all, sometimes couriers deliver important emails that Skyrim players need to launch or promote certain quests in the game, so often they are more useful than not.

Couriers have become a meme in Skyrim because of their disregard for their own safety in pursuit of mail delivery. Fans will have to wait for more information about the game, whether Bethesda will bring them back for the upcoming Elder Scrolls 6. Fans will have to wait for more information about the game to find out about it.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim — The anniversary edition has already been released for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.