A Situation Has Arisen That Prevents The Supply Of iPhone 13!


iPhone 13 supply may be interrupted for various reasons in the future. An analyst made unpromising statements on the subject.


There is an improvement in the supply chain, which affects Apple. However, it has been suggested that the iPhone 13 production will face a hurdle in the 4th quarter of 2021. Analyst Samik Chatterjee noted that recently the renewed resurgence of Covid-19 and supply restrictions in China have started to raise concerns at Apple.

The JP Morgan analyst attributes the reason why the production process in the iPhone 13 series lags behind other iPhones with the camera module. Covid cases and restrictions have contributed to the sluggish progress in Vietnam. Still, the root cause suggests the supplier of the optical image stabilization.

Power outage in China negatively affects small parts

It is suspected that small components could be damaged by the continued power outage in China. In this regard, the analyst said that he thinks 5-10 million of 143 million units may be affected. Still, Apple sales continue unabated.

The analyst also suggested that restrictions will be relaxed. At this point, he stated that LG Innotek will open a camera facility with a second unit in South Korea. He added that the situation will increase production at the required pace and that the current trend will draw an even more positive graph.

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