A Site That Finds A Movie By Writing A Movie Subject


It provides great convenience in finding movies by writing the subject of the movie, finding productions similar to the movies you like, and reaching movies in the style you are a fan of. In this content, how to use the “What is my movie” site where you can find movies by typing the movie subject or entering the genre you want? We are looking closely.

Watch a movie and love it and can’t find another movie like that movie? IMDb has a website that will stop browsing similar movie pages and searching for hours on Netflix. This site, called “What is my movie”, briefly explains the genre you want to watch and helps you find the movies you want.

“What is my movie” unfortunately does not have Turkish language support. But you don’t need an advanced level of English to use the search engine. You can also search for movies using Google Translate or just using the names of directors, movies or actors. How to use the What is my movie site where you can find a movie by typing the movie subject? We take a closer look.

What is my movie?

What is my movie; It can be defined as a movie listing site where you can search by many keywords such as director, actor, genre, movie name and so on. We have stated that What is my movie does not have Turkish language support. But don’t be intimidating, because it offers the possibility to search for movies in almost any genre and shape using a few phrases. Bride How to use What is my movie? Let’s take a closer look.

How to use “What is my movie”?

Step # 1: Access the “What is my movie” website here.
Step # 2: In the search bar located in the main menu, type the information you want in English and press the Search button.
You can take a look at the explanations below to describe a movie in your mind in English.

Step # 1: Access the “What is my movie” website:

Despite being in English, What is my movie site has a very simple interface. For this reason, you can figure out how to search at first sight even if you do not speak English. When you first log in to the site, you will be greeted by a search bar in the middle of the home page.

Step # 2: Enter the information you want in the search bar located in the main menu and press the Search button:

After logging into the site, we write the genre or actor, director or movie name we want to find in the search bar in the middle, press the Search button and search. What is my movie will then sort the specific movies for you based on how you search. It is also worth mentioning that the search AI of What is my movie often works towards sorting movies with high Metacritic scores of the type you are looking for.

How can you use What is my movie effectively?

Sometimes doing simple searches may not get you exactly the results you want. Therefore, it will be useful to make specific searches. For example, you can make special searches by specifying what kind of actions you want to include. Let’s take a closer look at the sentence patterns you can use for special searches with examples.

Phrases you can use when searching in What is my movie:
find all Harry Potter movies
find me Marvel movies with Robert Downey Jr. (Find Marvel movies featuring Robert Downey Jr.)
show me horror movies with supernatural
show me movies like Star Wars

You can replace these patterns with the player, genre and specific subject you want and make different and extensive searches. For example, by typing “Scifi movies” instead of “horror movies”, that is, horror movies, you can sort the science fiction movies with supernatural themes. You can even add special shooting techniques next to the genre and search. For example, when you write Found footage horror movies, ie “found film horror movies”, you can list the horror movies shot with a handheld camera atmosphere. In a way, after learning certain patterns, your searches are completely up to your imagination.

In addition to these patterns, you can also search by genre, movie, director, actor name or even lines. However, there is a point to be careful when searching by actor, director and line. While doing these searches, putting the names and lines in quotation marks and typing the full name will provide more accurate results. For example, for the actor “Robert Downey Jr.” It will be useful to search for “may the force be with you” or search for a line.

What does the “More like this” button do?

The movies you can find after you search in What is my movie are not limited to the list you see. For example, you searched for “Scifi movies like Star Wars”, “sci-fi movies like Star Wars”. In the list you see, there is a movie you have watched and liked before. Simply click on the “More like this” button next to this movie to get the elephant like that movie.


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